Don’t Have Existing Alternative Revenue Assets? See How We Can Help You Develop New Assets!
The Handshake Actively Manage Agreement(s) / inquiries leaving the client to focus on their core business. Seeking New ARA’s and possible Partnerships to add revenue for your property(s). Actively managing your ARA’s to leave you focus on your Core Business. Propose revised agreements and strategy to capture more value for our client. Executing on our advice and client’s vision. Holding ourselves to our Guarantee.

Seeking New Alternative Revenue Assets

Architectural Analysis

Partnering with Waitt Consulting provides both parties with the opportunity to enhance revenue streams for your portfolio. Furthermore improving your organizational awareness and marketing capabilities.

Report, Rendering, and Proposal

We then seek to review your current portfolio of assets for new alternative revenue streams and give a recommendation of how these new alternative revenue assets can increase your ROI on your real estate portfolio.

Development of Structures

Waitt Consulting implements a strategy to hand over a turn-key solution to collect additional revenue adding value to your assets whether a small enterprise or large enterprise.

Onboard Advertisers

We have formed strategic partnerships within the industry and have key advantages in maximizing the ROI on your real estate portfolio and current assets.

Launch Your Journey To Take Your ARA’s To The Next Level

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